Welcome to davidnoffs.com

I have decided to come back to my old friends at WordPress who had it right to begin with. Weblogs, as they were originally called, were designed to be places where everyday people could stake out a place and have a voice on the world wide web. Social media hijacked that idea and stole years and years of our ideas and pictures and movies and memories and thoughts and dreams and monetized them and then politicized them. Shame on them! But that’s water under the bridge.

So here I have a place I can just write about my work, my ideas, my history, and my memories and about other important people in my life. My family, friends, colleagues and other teachers, authors, philosophers, artists, musicians, and researchers influence me and my work. There are many great thinkers, educators and activists in the world today and we need to connect constructively. We need to focus on our future and what we can do in our field to improve this existence, not only for ourselves, but for all those wonderful human beings still growing and those who are yet to come and who deserve a better future.

So here I go… let me try and make use of this small space and grow something meaningful.