Hey educators, do you want to read a great book?

I suggest reading (and hopefully using in your online and on-ground classrooms) a newly released book called, Resilient Pedagogy: Practical Teaching Strategies to Overcome Distance, Disruption, and Distraction.

Resilient pedagogy: Practical teaching strategies to overcome distance, disruption, and distraction. Utah State University. https://doi.org/10.26079/a516-fb24.

My colleague Krissy Wilson and I teamed up to write a chapter for this volume and we are very excited to see it finally published as an open educational resource through Pressbooks.

According to Dr. Travis Thurston, the editor and project lead from Utah State University,

There are a few different ways that you can access the collection, and different ways for you to share it out widely. The main landing page for the book can be accessed via https://www.usu.edu/empowerteaching/publications/books/resilientpedagogy/

From that page there are two options: access the full ebook through Pressbooks, or access the full book and individual chapters in pdf format.

-Social Media: Our primary social media presence is on Twitter using @ResiPed and #ResilientPedagogy to share out the book, chapters, quotes, etc. We also encourage you to share this out through your professional channels and connections. Please reach out if you’d like help finding ways to share out the collection.

-Podcast: Finally, I want to thank those of you who have already recorded a podcast episode with me. We are ramping up our efforts to get the podcast released. If you haven’t had the chance to record an episode (and you would still like to do so) please reach out to me via email and we’ll find a mutually convenient time to record our conversation.

Thanks again! It has been a please to work on this project ūüėä

Travis Thurston, Ph.D.

Indeed, it has been a pleasure working on the project, and I look forward to including many of the chapters and ideas within into my own online teaching.

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David Sharrard Noffs

I have spent most of my life designing innovative and experimental learning environments, from my early work with hi-tech mobile classrooms in Australia’s rural communities, to over ten years as an instructional technologist and designer in the Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence at Columbia College Chicago. In 2015 I began teaching Learning Environment Design at Northwestern University’s School of Professional Studies and then joined the Distance Learning team as a full-time Learning Designer in 2017. In this role, I am able to do what I love most; help educators make learning a productive, enjoyable, and transformative experience.